News Spring 2022


As spring approaches, it’s timely to remind residents of the expectation of quiet enjoyment, including but not limited to noise, music and smoking emitting from balconies.  Drying of washing on balconies is not allowed under the Panorama Management Statement and City By-Laws and should not be visible from outside. Parking bays should be kept clean and not used for general storage. Please inform Gordon of any lights not working or other maintenance issues by e-mail or SMS so a record can be kept, and repairs made.

We have ordered two HeartSine 500P defibrillators which will be installed in the post box area and the other on the 18th floor just outside the gym door. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with their location and watch the instruction video If requested, the Building Manager will e-mail a hyperlink for the video.


The pedestrian access gates to the building have been upgraded to swipe access and new CCTV cameras installed in the building, including the mail room. The drop box has been modified to only accept small items, such as the parking permits


New displays have been ordered and will be installed when they arrive.

Bin Chutes

A further reminder that glass is not to be placed in the bin chutes.

On behalf of:           

The Council of Owners for Panorama Apartments          

Strata Plan 41728

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