11 February 2022

The Owner/Occupier

Dear Resident,

Notification letter of upcoming disruption and access/closure to Ground Floor at Panorama

We wish to inform residents that we will be conducting works in the Foyer of the Panorama Apartments which will require us to close all access to the ground floor.

The closure will enable us to re-surface the entire parquet flooring which is showing a concerning level of wear and tear and has now reached the stage where re-surfacing is the only option.

These works will be conducted in early May 2022 subject to any Covid constraints that could defer the proposed commencement date.

We anticipate that the work will take at least seven (7) working days to be completed.

During the final stages of the re-surfacing, residents can expect a strong odour from the solvent based polyurethane product that has been chosen by the Council of Owners as giving the best long term finish.

It is anticipated that the work will cause significant disruption for everyone in the building, as NO ACCESS through to the foyer will be allowed. The disruption will include the following restrictions:

  • The lifts will be re-programmed NOT to go to the ground floor.
  • The front doors will be programmed NOT to open in any circumstances short of there being a fire in the building, in which case they will automatically open.
  • The only access to the building will be through the carpark entry gates or through the entry/exit gates for cars.
  • Access to the lifts for usual users of the Terrace Rd level carparks will be to use the fire exit stairs up to level 1, then entering the building through the door behind the car wash bay or the door on the eastern side. Those residents who park in the upper carpark will be less affected.
  • Please note that the intercom at the front door will still communicate to your apartment, but you will not be able to authorise the doors to open.
  • Visitors to the Building will need to be met by you at the Car Park Entrance and escorted to your apartment through the entry/exit gates
  • There will be NO mail delivery while the works are being completed. Parcels will be delivered to the building manager’s office.
  • Food deliveries will need to be escorted up the fire stairs and residents will need to swipe the food delivery drivers to their floor.
  • During the period of the works Residents will not be allowed to move furniture in and out of the Foyer Area
  • The Car Bay wash area will be closed during the period of the works and can be used by residents as a 5 minute drop off zone for groceries etc.
  • Council will attempt to notify all agents using the building. No home opens will allowed during this period.

It is appreciated that this will be a major imposition on all residents, but the resulting works will provide satisfaction for all owners for many years to come.

All Residents are encouraged to contact the Building Manager if they have any concerns particularly those elderly residents who may need additional assistance or to advise us of any other issues that you feel may need to be addressed by Council during the period of the works.

Your understanding and assistance in respect to the above is very much appreciated.

On behalf of the Council of Owners of Panorama Luxury Apartments

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